Design in Apparel Retail- Philosophy of Laggards

It was a simple question asked in my market research to a consumer, shopping inside a mall-“What made you buy this T-shirt”.  Response was enough to elucidate the labyrinth of the domestic brand’s sense of design. The prints and designs sought by him in the international brand aspired him to purchase the replica of it.

This psychology is well capitalised in the retail segment for planning their design ranges. The ‘philosophy of Laggards’ ,  which can be stated in a more articulated way as to copy the trends which were forecasted season’s before on the international forum and could be made available for the mass.

Sometimes it is both surprising and shocking to ask ourselves- What does design mean to retail? Is it an aim to copy the most feasible designs available in market?  Till now, what can be perceived in market is an affirmation to it. The demise of design starts from here and passes to the consumer till eternity.

This practice of ‘cut, copy and paste’, has found its roots in the consumer world, which seems to be burgeoning, especially in the developing nations. The brands which come to the market are practitioners of it, and continue to demean the sense of creativity and design in apparel segment.

Is there a way out? , in order to make consumers fashionable and trendy and not laggards of this society.

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