Fashion by Inertia of Motion – A Long Trail to Follow



Curiousness in following aspirations drives fashion, which is a catalyst for driving the markets and ensuring juvenility in consumers. And here we stand in the mid of shopping malls and bazaar, displaying antediluvial merchandises till eternity.  The charisma becomes murkier with replicas hung around us.

Dynamism in Fashion Retail will not only help in providing momentum in the shopping experience to the consumers but will also help in providing a stronger magnitude to the retailers. There is a need to overcome the inertia in current fashion cycle. The fashion cycle is relatively obsolete with growing consumers’ aspirations.

The ‘turtle phenomenon’ in the current retail segment should be accelerated.  As a well-known fact, which states that ‘velocity is directly proportional to momentum’, so does it implies to the fashion.  Constant change is a requirement, which is a challenge to them, and it was aptly sought by one of the biggest fashion retailer in this industry, i.e. “Zara”. The revolutionary concept not only provides a quick changeover in merchandises, but also poses a question to other retailers. The benchmark set by them is still unachievable by their counterparts.

At this point of time, it would not be wrong to state that –“Fashion is motion”, so if one is selling motion, one should have quick responsiveness towards it.

It is a biggest challenge to the retailers of modern world to drive this alacritous segment in tandem. The market is ready for the change, but still there is a long trail to follow.

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